Melanglow explores the skin care concerns of the brown beauty novice & enthusiast. With black women spending $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, twice as much on skin care, and consuming nine times the amount of beauty products than any other demographic, the lack of representation is inexcusable. I reject the perception that we only care about cocoa butter and contouring. After years of relentlessly searching for a black girl beauty hub, loved ones encouraged me to create this space after mentioning complaining nagging about underrepresentation.
Melanglow includes chats with beauty industry professionals (Ask the Expert), profiles of women who glow (Herglow), the 411 on ingredients and best practices (Face + Body), and the latest and greatest black-owned beauty brands and beauty retailers (Discover). Who doesn’t want to be a conscious shopper? Melanglow helps you care for the foundation under your foundation, helping women feel confident in their fresh faces while supporting black-owned business.

Hey, girl

I’m Amanda, a young 20-something year old who loves skin care. When I’m not curating content for Melanglow, I have the honor of using my skills as a marketing researcher to help beauty brands understand the wants and needs of women of color, because we deserve only the best. As I chronicle my brown beauty finds and share the stories of others, I invite you to come along.
Skin type: Oily and congested
Skin concern:  Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation because you know, bad habits.

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