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Samantha Sophia of Raising Self

“…I love seeing older black women without makeup. I love the details of our skin through time.”

Onya’e Naturals by Jasmine Kelley

“Just because the ingredients are good does not mean it needs to be piled on your face.”

Temple Zen Organic Skin Care by Jashiro Dean

“After all, we are a full sensory brand, so I went to work and birthed a new baby.”

Samantha Sophia of Raising Self

“Womanist. Reluctant Wife. Accidental Mother.

Cylon. Corporate Chick. Social Entrepreneur.

Bookworm. Chill Christian. Binge Watcher.”

Donna Marie by Ayanna Washington

“Annoyed with the lack of options offered by drugstore brands, I put on my ‘mad scientist’ hat and began creating my own products powered by plant and superfood derived ingredients…”

Photo Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz

Michelle Obama’s Esthetician Gives the 411 on Facials for Brown Skin

“By incorporating facials on a consistent basis into your beauty lifestyle regimen you not only prevent unwanted skin eruptions from occurring…”